New MoD F-35 Joint Strike Fighter helmet the most advanced Airforce helmet yet


terminator-pilot.jpgI know what you’re thinking, looking at that photo – you’ve got next year’s Halloween outfit sorted, right? You’ll go as a rabid fighter pilot that’s spent the last 20 years in Chernobyl after a freak accident sent you spiralling from space into the radiation-ridden ghost-town.

Sorry to ruin your costume plans, but in order to wear one of these helments, you’ll have to join the Airforce first, specifically the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter squadron. The helmet is currently being tested by the MoD in Wiltshire, which displays computerised symbology right on the pilot’s visors, and features infra-red imagery. In layman’s terms, that’s a computer screen blocking your sight, giving you guides as to where to fly and shoot your weapons, and the infra-red will give pilots the opportunity to gain a glimpse of the world below their feet, through the cockpit floor.

The helmet is just part of the new fleet of Joint Strike Fighter planes, which apparently will cost the country £66 million each once they’re brought into action. Anyone want to complain about their taxes being misused? Comments down below, please.

(via Times Online)

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