More screenshots of the Nokia Music Store in action

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This is just a companion post to my earlier blow-by-blow review of the Nokia Music Store, which went live in the UK today. Feast your eyes on the shot above, and the others after the jump, to see how it all works.

The one above is the genre category page (click on them to get bigger versions). On each, you can also see the Media Bar on the right of the page, which is what you use to play your songs.

This is one of the Top 40 charts pages, which are all UK-based, as you’d expect.

There’s a few genre-based playlists too – here’s the Britpop one.

Jay-Z has been signed up to contribute a (slightly paltry) celebrity playlist.

And here’s the web-based wishlist, to which you can add tunes from the web store, or by tagging them on your mobile.

Stuart Dredge
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