Goodmans feature-packed GMP34G6 4GB MP3/video player

MP3 players

Goodmans, that maker of low-priced gadgetry, has another example on the market – the GMP34G6 4GB MP3/video player.

Features include that 4GB memory (for up to 1,000 MP3 tracks or three hours of video playback), 1.8-inch screen, voice recording, document reader, photo viewer SD card slot for boosting capacity, DRM support, equaliser and a battery life of eight hours audio and three hours video.

You can pick it up from Argos for £44.99.


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One thought on “Goodmans feature-packed GMP34G6 4GB MP3/video player

  • A wonderful piece of equipment, under used by an older person therefore not appreciating it’s true capacity. Been calling it an MP4 until I read the write up on this site. now trying to find a good docking station for it and wondering if the Goodmans Micro 14681P iPod Micro system would do.

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