Fring launches VoIP widget for social networks and blogs

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fringme.jpgVoIP firm Fring has continued its expansion with the launch of fringME (there’s an exclamation mark on the end of that too, but if I ain’t doing it for Yahoo, I ain’t doing it for Fring either – they should be pleased they get the capitals on the end frankly).

Anyway, it’s a VoIP widget that can be embedded on blogs, social networking profiles, online auction listings and other websites. That third category may or may not include eBay – I’m guessing they’d take a dim view of people using VoIP technologies other than Skype.

So, if you install the FringME widget on your site, it lets people see if you’re online, launch an IM chat session with you, and if you’re using Fring on a GPS-enabled handset, people can even pop up a Google Map pinpointing your location. Don’t worry, you can switch this feature off if you value your privacy. FringME is free to use, and available now.

FringME website

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