Doro simplifies the mobile phone handset

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It’s not just bright young things that need mobiles – elderly people have a use for them too – and these new Doro HandlePlus 324gsm and Doro HandleEasy 326gsm handsets serve that market.

The Doro HandlePlus 324gsm has just seven buttons, with up to five numbers able to be pre-programmed on this ergonomic handset – all done at point of sale. The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm has four pre-programmable buttons, plus a number pad for dialling non-programmed phone numbers, a high-contrast LCD display, a vibrator ring tone and speaker phone capabilities.

The HandlePlus 324gsm is available from BioAcoustics for RRP £79.99. The HandleEasy 326gsm is also available now at BioAcoustics and from January at Argos for RRP £99.99.


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