Velodyne's MicroVee subwoofer – careful you don't lose it!

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velodyne-box.jpgIt may look like a minimal foot pouffe from a suitably-wanky Shoreditch boutique specialising in Art Deco furniture, but believe it or not, that little black box is actually a subwoofer. As you probably would’ve garnered from, err, the title of this post.

The MicroVee subwoofer from Velodyne measures just 9″ x 9″ x 9.6″, but that doesn’t mean the sound has been compromised, as this self-powered sub pumps out powerful bass levels using 2000 watts of Dynamic Power. It has LFE, speaker level and mini-jack input capabilities, and features one active 6.5″ driver and two 6.5″ passive radiators. Spankin’ hot, and just £575.

MicroVee from Velodyne

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