Final Sound's new subwoofer speakers and 300 inverter panels

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final-300i-speakers.jpgFinal Sound, who claim the world’s lightest and flattest high-definition audio speakers for home theatre and audio use, today announced a new line of subwoofers.

The Final S110 speaker is an 8-inch long throw, 100 watt RMS down firing/bass reflex subwoofer with a frequency range of 25Hz to 220Hz +/- 3dB, and a variable phase adjustment from 0 to 180 degrees, and an inverting switch. It’s suited for use with the Final 90i, 150i, 300i, or 400i inverter panels.

The Final S220 is a 12-inch long throw, 220-watt RMS, front firing sealed enclosure subwoofer. It has a Class T digital amplifier with a linear power supply and variable room gain compensation. Frequency range is 20-200Hz, +/- 3dB, and is suited to the Final 400i, 600i, or 1000i panels.

Both speakers feature a switchable High Pass Filter which can filter out part of the lower frequencies, allowing the panels to pristinely re-create the tonal areas at which the panels truly excel. Final Sound say that, whilst the subwoofers can be used with any brand of loudspeakers, they form a close match with their own transducers, and only that will bring a “homogeneous full range performance without noticeable crossover area between the sub and the panels.” Well quite…

The Final Sound 300i is the newest electrostatic transducer, incorporating patented Inverter technologies. It’s a 48-inch long, 8-inch wide, 1-inch deep panel that can be mounted on a floor stand or wall mounted, thus making it a good partner for a projection screen. It’s been designed with modern décor in mind.

“The Final Sound 300i is a great addition to our line of Inverter electrostatic speakers,” said Gijsbert van den Brink, CEO of Final Sound Solutions. “Final Sound now offers a full line of electrostatic panels, including three models that can be mounted on a wall, ranging in size from 28-inches, up to six feet tall. We now have a panel to fit almost any installation.”

Now, these are not going to appeal to everyone. They’re total overkill for your little mini hi-fi or iPod dock, but if you’re seriously into home theatre or hi-fi, then they could enhance your experience.

Andy Merrett
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