Philips intros SA9345 portable media player

Personal video players

Philips has released its compact SA9345 flash MP4 player, capable of playing MP3 and WMA audio, 320×240 resolution WMV9 video at up to 30fps, and other video formats using the supplied converter software.

It’s 9cm long, weighs 48g, and has 4GB of memory able to hold 1,000 MP3 tracks, 2,000 WMA tracks, 1,120 photos, or 7 hours of video. It has a 1.8-inch colour LCD screen, which is touch sensitive, allowing for control of media via taps, drags, or swipes of the finger.

Music can be arranged in various ways, including by cover art, and the unit supports Microsoft’s PlaysForSure initiative, which ensures maximum compatibility with a large variety of legal download services, plus giving access to a catalogue of over two million tracks available via compatible subscription services.

It synchronises seamlessly with Windows Media Player on Windows XP via USB. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of continuous music playback, or two hours of video.

It costs £129, available now, and a 2GB version (SA9325) is available for £99.


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