Panda – the chair made from hundreds of blank CDs


We all have blank discs littering up the house – but not all of us are quite so creative with them as Belen Hermosa.

That’s the designer behind the Panda chair, which has nothing to do with pandas, but has lots to do with discs – hundreds of them, all lined up and fixed to a standard chair frame to create what is possibly the most uncomfortable chair in existence.

No news of these going to retail as yet, but the chair is doing the rounds at design fairs, most recently at the International Furniture Fair in Valencia.

Belen Hermosa (via Design Boom)

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One thought on “Panda – the chair made from hundreds of blank CDs

  • Just a correction; this is the brief explanation of the Chair:

    “The CDs are an important problem in terms of pollution.
    The polycarbonate is an expensive and hardly recyclable material when it comes from a CD. 4.232 of these containers of data, handed over by the company Sarbide, have been reused to form the panda chair, of modern and technological aspect.”

    So all CDs on this chair are reused, any of them is a blank CD…

    And I invite everybody to sit on it to feel all the CDs rolling and to verify if its uncomfortable…

    ; )

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