Microsoft's Steve Ballmer likens relationship with Bill Gates to that of husband and wife. Awww!

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steve-ballmer-photo.jpgHere’s a free tip to Microsoft: hang on to Steve Ballmer for as long as humanly possible, and after then, cryogenically freeze him for future usage. You could not ever hope for as much free PR as he has given you over the years.

The latest reason to adore Microsoft’s Chief Executive comes from an interview he gave the Daily Telegraph, where he gave a great metaphor for his relationship with Bill Gates. According to Ballmer, him and Gates are a husband and wife team, who “participated together in giving birth to this amazing thing called Microsoft”, and even likened their Microsoft products to their children. “We happen to have two children that are a little older, and they are great kids, they are still developing. They are in high school, they are wonderful, they have got their whole future in front of them. That is our desktop – Windows and Office – and our server business.”

“Then we have got these two young kids. They are four or five, they are really at a formative stage, and they are building their muscles. That is where we are in online and devices. I love all four of our kids, I really do!”

Ballmer is slated to take over from Gates next year when he retires to concentrate full-time on his charity work, meaning we can expect many more years of his brilliantly-addictive erratic behaviour. Huzzah for insane CEOs!

(via Telegraph)

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