WING: your own portable windmill

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Windmills are great, but they could be a bit more portable, don’t you think? That’s the idea behind the development of WING, a concept design for a personal windmill. It’s the work of Croation designers Ines Vlahović & Mladen Orešić, and has just scooped an INDEX award for its innovative umbrella-like design.

It works with a small generator located in the central bowl, which turns wind into electrical energy for “elementary human needs” such as charging mobile phones, laptops, lights and portable fridges. I’d love to have one of these things next time I go to Glastonbury. Its makers also reckon it could be used as a secondary power source in people’s homes.

Don’t expect this to be on sale in your local Wilkinson’s just yet, but it’s an intriguing attempt to grapple with modern humankind’s energy consumption needs (i.e. running out of iPod battery when you’re halfway up a mountain).

WING personal windmill

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