Triops – a throwable, 3D digital camera, for rough & tumble photography


The bad news is it’s big, round and so very ugly that you’ll be more than happy to throw it as far away from you as possible. It’s just a concept piece at the moment, designed by Franziska Faoro and entered into the BraunPrize 2007 design competition.


What Triops does, apparently, is “allow the user to experience new perspectives and perceptions and takes the potential of digital photography to a new level” – a task it pulls off by coming with three fisheye lenses.

And the reason it looks like a football is so you can chuck it about and take photos from the air, with its three lenses able to record what should be rather impressive aerial 360-degree panoramas. You then take images off via wi-fi and worry about how big your bald patch is getting.

Via (Yanko Design)

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