Samsung's SCH-B600 is, officially, a record breaker

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samsung-world-record.jpgIn a sensational PR coup that’ll have Samsung marketing men hitting All Bar One on expenses tonight, Samsung’s managed to convince the Guinness World Records book to stick in some of its mobiles.

Three of Samsung’s handsets will feature in the 2008 records compilation – the SCH-B600 is getting in thanks to it having the highest number of megapixels (10) on a mobile phone (for a few weeks at least), while a couple of other models have blagged their way in thanks to sector-leading slimness.

What chance have any of us got of successfully designing, funding and manufacturing 2009’s slimmest mobile phone? This corporate takeover of the people’s challenge directory is an outrage. Norris McWhirter and Roy Castle must be looping around each other in their graves at this disgraceful selling-out of the famed record annual.

Via (Akihabara News)

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