Gordon Brown wants Citizen's Jury to discuss game violence


gordon-brown.jpgGun-toting teenage gangs on the streets of Liverpool? You could blame Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto, or you could look at the wider issues around Britain’s emerging gang culture, look at how the adults who arm these children are getting hold of drugs and guns, before tackling the socio-economic reasons why so many kids are turning to petty crime in the first place.

Anyway, Gordon Brown is plumping for Plan A. He wants to put a new-fangled Citizen’s Jury onto the issue of violence in games, which in the worst-case scenario will be made up of foamy-mouthed Daily Mail readers, and people who were rejected from the audience for The Jeremy Kyle Show for being too kneejerky judgemental. Hurrah!

Games Digest has a column on the subject, so click on the link below to read it. As they point out, Brown himself lost an eye after being kicked during a schoolboy rugby game, so I’m looking forward to a seperate Citizen’s Jury being convened to ban the sport in all its forms. It’s a vote-winner, at least.

Games Digest column

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