Rumour: Sony Ericsson to unveil mobile gaming phone in February

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Rumours that Sony Ericsson was planning to launch a PlayStationPhone have been bubbling for several months, fuelled by a recent interview in which the company confirmed that the idea was “something that we’re looking at”.

Well, it seems the looking may have gone well, because Mobile Entertainment is reporting that Sony Ericsson will unveil a dedicated gaming phone next February at the Mobile World Congress trade show. However, their sources say it WON’T be PSP branded, but WILL include Wii-like motion sensing of some sort.

Given Sony Ericsson’s existing branded mobiles – Walkman (music), Cyber-shot (photography) and Bravia (TV) – it would seem strange if a gaming phone wasn’t PSP or PlayStation branded. Watch this space. What’s that? Oh yes, I know it’s a rubbish piece of Photoshopping, there’s no need to rub it in…

(via Mobile Entertainment)

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  • I saw another version this so called psp phone on another site. The only difference between this fake image and the other one is that the other one at leasts had a patent number that went along with it and blue prints or whatever they’re called. If any of you want to look it up the number was 20070123306

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