LG Shine goes pink, available exclusively with Orange UK

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lg_shine_pink_model.jpgIt had to happen sooner or later — LG’s popular Shine mobile has gone pink — “Hot pink” to be precise — and is available exclusively from the Orange mobile network.

It has all the same features as the original Shine, but its full metal bodied jacket is now pink.

If you believe the marketing spin, then this phone is the perfect accessory, effortlessly combining feminine style with substance. Not that I’d know, personally.

To recap, the phone offers LCD mirror which transforms to high-quality colour screen when the phone is turned on, plus MP3 player, expandable memory, Bluetooth, and two megapixel camera with autofocus by Schneider-KREUZNACH.

The LG Shine Pink is available from the end of September. It’s free to Orange customers taking a minimum £30 12- or 18-month contract, or alternatively it’s £99.99 on Pay As You Go.

I believe pink is still popular, so it should help further boost sales of the ludicrously popular Shine range, which has already shifted three million handsets worldwide. Just don’t try to find an orange version on the non-existent Pink mobile phone network.


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