Indulge your sweet tooth with this list of Nintendo sweets


nintendo_mario_bombs.jpgRemember your delight when the official Harry Potter sweets launched a few years back, or the official Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chocolate bars from 2005? How we scoffed down bars and bars of the stuff, as they were limited edition, and oh so scrumptious?

Chris over at WiiWii happened across yet another excuse to scoff merchandise sweets, with his discovery of some Nintendo-themed goodies. There’s Bob-omb’s power candy-filled ones, Donkey Kong bubblegum tape yo-yo, and Zelda Tatoos amongst others, but unfortunately none of them are available in the UK. Yet. We are fast approaching the world’s most obese nation, so I’m sure it’s only time.

List of Nintendo sweets (via WiiWii)

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