That's not a machine gun, THIS is a machine gun – it even contains a dinnerware set!


Multi-functional tools like the Trevor Baylis wind-up MP3 player we saw on Friday are obviously becoming ever-popular, as more and more people are wanting to minimise their accessories and cart around just the one object. Look at Nokia’s N95 for further proof of just how much we can compact our gadgetry, and stop caring about the size of our camera lens.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but a machine gun is something I generally leave at home when I pop out to Sainsbury’s, so I’m not too concerned about wanting to minimise my weaponry. If, however, you’re accustomed to packing a bit of heat on you, you’ll be happy to know this machine gun contains a MAG light, Swiss Army knife, high intensity flood light, a…err…dinnerware set, and a lovely bird sculpture your own gran would be envious of. I’m not sure what sort of warfare you’d be partaking in with one of these babies, but certainly one for the multi-tasker amongst us.

(via Techeblog)

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