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If a picture tells a thousand words, then live video must be worth… ooh, several books. Or something. Video-conferencing was once the sort of futuristic technology you’d see on Tomorrow’s World, but nowadays it’s commonplace, thanks to applications like Windows Messenger and Skype.

What about video-chatting on the go though? That’s where Sony’s VAIO TZ11 notebook comes in handy. See, it’s got a built-in Motion Eye webcam, so you don’t need to carry a separate cam to plug in when you need to have a serious face-to-face business conversation (or just google at your baby when away from home).

The TZ11 isn’t just about the cam, though. It weighs just 1.19kg, making it easy to carry, and you’ll get up to seven hours of battery life out of a single charge – a key feature for road warriors.

Meanwhile, its Intel Core 2 Duo CPU means that your other applications won’t suffer even when you’re video-chatting. It’s good to stay in touch, and the TZ11 makes that possible.

Sony VAIO TZ11

Stuart Waterman
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