Novel idea for a Facebook group: let's knit Facebook!

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let%27s%20knit.jpg Facebookers tend to be a strange bunch. Knitters, well, even more strange, let’s be honest here! But when the two collide, it’s time to start looking up The Priory’s phone number in the Yellow Pages.

A group of knitters on the ‘book from the UK, US and Canada are collaborating on a big knitting project, each creating a section of a profile screen. Confused? Bewildered? You should be – each knitter will create a small part, send it off to the organiser, who will then sew all the pieces together to form a big badass Facebook blanket.

I suggest we all sit back and watch the tug-of-war that happens once the blanket has been created, those knitters can be vicious people, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of someone brandishing a 0.5mm needle in their clammy little fists. Anyone ever see the ‘Nanageddon’ episode of The Mighty Boosh?

Let’s Knit Facebook (via Crafty Crafty)

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Katherine Hannaford
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