Nokia launches MOSH mobile UGC service: beta password already leaked

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Well, it’s in private beta, anyway, but you can sign up for an account. MOSH (standing for Mobilize and Share) is described on its signup page as “a user-generated content platform designed specifically for use with any mobile device” that’ll let you “create, upload, collect and share” all manner of content, including photos, videos, music, games, software mash-ups and blogs.

I assume that last one means blog posts, obviously. For the moment, submitting your email address means you’ll be “put on the list” to get a MOSH password. Although after a bit of Googling, this site told us we could simply type ALLACCESS and get in, then register for an account.

Someone’s already Twittered a tart review of the service: “First impression is “what is this for?”. Very clunky. Should be wired into LifeBlog. Isn’t. Ditto Jaiku. Ditto Shozu.” Ouch. We’ll have a review later this week.

Nokia MOSH website

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