MyFountain – the barman replaced by a machine


Ok, it can’t throw you out, laugh at your jokes, discuss the football or clean up at the end of the night, but Digital Beverages’ MyFountain will pour you your drink of choice with the touch of a button.

It’s a touch screen-operated machine, hooked up to a fridge which holds 12 types of booze (underneath) as well as a water line and carbon dioxide cartridge. So you just press what you like, the machine mixes it (as long as it includes the ingredients in the fridge) and it’s there in front of you in no time. And there’s a computer linked up, allowing you to create and save personalised drink lists.

Sounds like a glorified Soda Stream to me, but if you like the sound if it, MyFountain starts at $2,575 (around £1,300) and can be ordered online.

Digital Beverages website

Via Oh Gizmo

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