Get a 60GB UK PS3 for £329!


ps3-sale-discount.jpgThat’s a crazy discount right there! Online retailer ShopTo is apparently flogging PS3s for £329, knocking £100 off the price of Sony’s console. And it even involves free delivery.

Is this just an e-tailer getting giddy on summer sunshine, or the start of a concerted price-cutting campaign to boost the sales momentum of PS3? It’s hard to be sure, but I’m guessing stocks won’t last for long.

There’s no news yet on how larger high-street retailers and rival websites will react, if at all. As someone who paid FULL WHACK for my PS3 on launch day, I say Down With This Sort Of Thing. Grr.

£329 PS3s on ShopTo (via PSPSPS)

Stuart Dredge
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