Apple already selling refurbished iPhones


Less than two months after Apple began selling the iPhone in the US through AT&T and Apple Stores, it’s also offering refurbished iPhones on its own web site, retailing at $100 less than their original price and with free shipping.

Selling refurbished products isn’t a new thing for Apple. They’ve been shifting iPods, Macs, and other hardware for years in this way, usually because a customer has returned the product unwanted.

Apple won’t ship any old rubbish out, either, so you can expect these iPhones to be free from scratches, smudges, dents, and such like. They still have to be purchased with a two-year AT&T subscription.

There has been a little speculation over exactly who these iPhones came from. Guesses include those that bought extra handsets expecting to make a quick profit on eBay, but were disappointed that there was no stock shortage, and Apple employees who (for some reason) didn’t want their free iPhone.

(Via CNet News)

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