Utada Hikaru: the planet's biggest digital music star

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hikaru-utada.jpgPrince? Schmince! Giving your album away with newspapers ain’t all that. And the same goes for Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys, with their fancy MySpace-fuelled fame. As for Crazy Frog, well, words fail me. Even words that go DINGDINGWREEEOOOOAR…

No, the world’s biggest digital music star is a Japanese singer called Utada Hikaru. Not heard of her? She might not be big here in the West, but she’s sold SEVEN MILLION digital downloads of her ‘Flavor of Life’ song. That includes full-track downloads online and on mobile, as well as ringtones, ringback tones and video clips.

Cor! Is it any good though? Click over the jump to see Hikaru herself performing the track, which owes its barnstorming success in part to being used as the theme tune for a popular Japanese drama.

Anyway, here goes with the video:

(via Billboard)

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