This week's Top 10 new Facebook applications: Trackfeeder, Pokemon, Likeness and more…

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trackfeeder-facebook.jpgIt’s time for this week’s batch of new Facebook applications to clutter spruce up your profile. New ideas are coming thick and fast from developers, and I’m wondering if we’re going to start to see app-churn, as users realise their profile takes two years to scroll through, and start dumping their least favourite applications.

Andy may be getting a bit fed up with it all, but that won’t stop me upping our weekly roundup to ten applications. So without further ado, on with this week’s hot picks:

1. Track Of The Day. (pictured) Created by ace music blog Trackfeeder, this recommends one music track every day, allowing you to listen to it, read Trackfeeder’s review, buy a digital download and share your opinion. Get it

2. Cars. Got some motors worth boasting about? Show them off to other petrolheads on your Facebook profile with this app, which creates a standalone profile for your car with all its specs and photos. And you’re not just limited to one car, either. Get it

3. Lego Man. Choose the Lego person who looks most like you, or create your own and display it on your profile. You don’t have to be yellow to use this app, but it helps. Get it

4. Herban Tones. A DIY ringtone-creator that turns your MP3 music into ringtones, which you can then display on your profile for your friends to download. Heaven knows if it’s legal, but it’s pretty cool. Get it

5. Pokedex. All your favourite Pokemon in one place! Pikachu, Grumpig, Shittypants, Zangoose…. Oh, alright, I made one of those up. If you can’t guess which, you need this app.Get it

6. Happiness Gauge. Simple app that shows a Happiness meter on your profile so your friends can see exactly how joyful (or not) you are. Get it

7. iPhone Owner. Got an iPhone? Feeling smug? Fed up with showing it off to your friends? Get this app for your Facebook profile, to let everyone else know you’re surfing the techno-zeitgeist with Apple’s handset. Get it

8. YouTubeFaves. Watch the most popular YouTube videos from within your Facebook profile. Involves much lip-synching. Get it

9. Likeness. Find out which of your friends you look most like, as well as comparing your photo to all manner of celebrities. Great fun if you look like Angelina Jolie, not so much if you’re a dead ringer for Wayne Rooney. Get it

10. Awareness Ribbons. More public showing off, although at least this time it’s for good causes. This app is a Facebook version of those coloured ribbons that people wear, with up to 300 to choose from including cancer, environmentalism, heart disease and Won’t Somebody Think Of The Guinea Pigs? Get it

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