Suck at Guitar Hero? Fool your friends with the Guitar Heronoid robot

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guitarherorobot.jpg Guitar Hero is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable games available, although let’s be honest with each other…we’re not very good at it, are we? I’ve just about nailed Iron Man by Black Sabbath, on the first version, but John the Fisherman by Primus, on Guitar Hero II? Bah! I’m lucky if I can match even two of the notes.

That’s when you need to call on your good mate Rafael Mizrahi, who has just created a robot called the Guitar Heronoid. Like most men I know, it’s divided into two parts – the brain, which detects and analyses the PS2 video signals and generates play-commands such as when to press the buttons, when to strum etc, and the body, which reads the play-commands and controls the twiddling fingers.

Would love to see its attempts at Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins, when the new game comes out in October. Rawk, my ass, it’ll never be James Iha.

Guitar Heronoid (via Hacked Gadgets)

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