Sony boosts television for the blind with latest Bravia models


Sony is aiming to improve TV for the blind and partially-sighted people with the introduction of Audio Description to its latest Bravia range.

Audio Description (AD) is an additional narrative soundtrack for people with restricted eyesight. During gaps in programme dialogue, an additional voice explains visual plot points, enabling visually impaired people to follow the storyline more fully. Audio description is available on a variety of television programmes throughout Europe but, until now, has only been accessible through the purchase of a separate set-top box or satellite receiver. Now, all Sony Bravia televisions will include as standard.

That’s down to the addition of a more powerful audiovisual processor, capable of decoding multiple audio channels – providing access to AD in addition to other aesthetic benefits. For more details, check with your retailer.

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  • Are all sony bravia’s equipped for visually impaired? Is the remote control easy to use? How do I locate a vendor?

  • Are all sony bravia’s equipped for visually impaired? How do I locate a vendor? Would this be helpful for one with macular degeneration?
    Thank you

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