Philips teams up with Swarovski for bling USB keys and earphones


philips-swarovski-earphones.jpgThe Swarovski / gadgets crossover isn’t new – witness previous examples of crystally bling technology like MSI’s M677 Crystal Edition laptop, or Loewe’s Individual Edition 1 telly. But right now it’s Philips who’s tight with Swarovski, with a new partnership under the slogan ‘Active Crystals’.

The pair have launched a new website showing off their first joint products, which fall into two categories – USB keys and earphones. It’s not exactly busting at the seams with product information and pricing info, but the idea seems to be more a chance to goggle at the sparkly goodness on show.

It’s only a matter of time before a Swarovski DECT phone appears, mark my words…

Active Crystals website

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Stuart Dredge
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