PC World starts selling robots, brings forward date of mankind's ultimate destruction


robot-pc-world.jpgPC World is introducing a new robotics section to its stores, selling some of today’s finest automated toys.

The special areas, designed as mini “roboshops” that will sit within each store, will sell gadgety-toys rather than proper, in-home robots. So don’t go expecting to see life-sized humans capable of taking the bin out. But if you want a beeping toy dinosaur to interact with on a basic level until its batteries go flat, you’re sorted.

“We are convinced that robotics will play an increasingly important role in the field of consumer technology in the years ahead and the time is right for us to enter this developing market,” said Keith Jones, MD of PC World.

“The robot will soon become a mass-market phenomenon,” Keith added, the flesh mask over his metal face slipping slightly to reveal his RED LASER EYES.

Via (The Guardian)

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