Nokia planning 8GB N95 upgrade?

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nokia-n95-8GB.jpgNokia’s N95 pocket supercomputerphone is heading for an upgrade, if findings on Nokia’s web site are to be believed.

An unformatted XML page supposedly reveals plans for an updated 8GB version of the phone – and yes, that’s all anyone has to go on right now.

This totally fits in with Nokia’s past efforts, though – releasing an 8GB N95 “Music Edition” would be perfect in helping convince a few people to plump for an N95 now rather than wait (ages) for an iPhone.

So what’s next for Nokia in its war against Apple? Fixing the N95’s battery life might be a good start, as there’s not much point having a supercomputerphone in your pocket if keeps switching itself off and moaning about needing a charge when you want to TXT MSG mum about tonight’s dinner arrangements.

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One thought on “Nokia planning 8GB N95 upgrade?

  • Given that 4Gb microSDHC cards are already available with 8Gb cards due at year end, what the hell would be the point?

    As for the battery: switch off the WLAN scanning, my boy.

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