Mobile phone 'greatest gadget of all time' in latest pointless survey

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Forget the microwave, alarm clock or pacemaker, the greatest gadget of all time is apparently the mobile phone, as voted by a cross-section of the Great British public.

It took almost 20 per cent of the vote in a survey of 4,000 people by search engine Foundem Broadband internet access was runner-up in the poll, ahead of the laptop, the digital camera and the microwave. Also riding high were the TV remote, iPod (other MP3 players are available), the vibrator and sat nav.

According to a spokesman for said: “We were surprised by some of the results – we didn’t expect the vibrator to make the top 10.” Indeed. Read on for the full 20.

Top 20 gadgets

1. Mobile phone
2. Broadband internet access
3. Laptop computer
4. Digital camera
5. Microwave
6. TV remote control
7. ipod/MP3 player
8. Vibrator
9. Sat Nav
10. Dishwasher
11. Smoke alarm
12. Hair straighteners
13. Hair dryer
14. Games consoles
15. Alarm clock
16. Memory stick
17. Baby monitor
18. Torch
19. Iron
20. Camcorder

Foundem website

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