ZOMG!!!1!eleven!!1! GeekSugar have an iPhone!

iPhone, YouTube Video of the Day

As you and everyone within a trillion-kazillion mile radius of just about every atom on earth knows all too well by now, today is The Day The iPhone Springs Forth From Jobs’s Loins. Yep, time to hide under your duvet and avoid all the white-glazed eyes of this new breed of iZombies.

The lovely girls at GeekSugar have spoofed that much-parodied Nintendo sixty-foooooouuuuuur!! video, and replaced the excitable kids with even more ADHD-affected adults, and the N64 console with, yep, a fake iPhone. I have a very bad feeling in my stomach this won’t be the first parody video, and I’m certain it’s not due to just eating 3-day old sushi…

iPhone video at GeekSugar

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Katherine Hannaford
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