Microsoft on viruses and malware: It's not our fault, guv.


Turns out that the vast majority of virus attacks are against badly-written third-party software, rather than Windows itself. So claims Microsoft, anyway, in the graph to the right. In XP, 58% of attacks target third party software, and in Vista, 94% target third-parties. The most popular targets are Apple’s Quicktime, Realplayer and Winzip.

When you drill down to the top ten browser vulnerabilities, Microsoft admit that they account for half of the biggest flaws on XP, including by far the top one, but on Vista, they don’t feature in the top ten at all – the number one place goes to a bit of software called Baofeng, which I suspect is a toolbar of some sort…

Get the Monster Munch ready, as it's Nintendo 64 controller/bong hybrid time!

You’ve got to wonder whether this kid ever considered the fact that a picture of a handmade bong created from an N64 controller would fly around the interweb faster at the speed of a, well, unstoned kid, and more than likely get back to his parents somehow. No dessert for you for three weeks!

Obviously we’re not condoning the use of drugs (but excessive boozing, smoking and coffee-swilling is A-OK by us, and actually…