This week's hottest high definition stories: Blockbuster support Blu-ray, but do the discs rot?, SIM2 projector, new TVs from Sharp and Pioneer, reviews of JVC and Toshiba, Arcam, Texas Instruments, BrilliantColor


hdtv.jpgThe biggest news this week, though the HD DVD Promotions Group deny it, is that Blockbuster has chosen Blu-ray over HD DVD. Not surprisingly, Sony is very happy about that, and a Panasonic executive thinks it’s game over for HD DVD.

However, the fly in the ointment could be rotting Blu-ray discs. Not good.

SIM2 has rolled out its HT3000E 1080p projector, while Sharp reveal their latest RD2E 100Hz TVs, and Pioneer release their new plasma TV range with 80% deeper blacks.

The site has reviews of the JVC LT-32DGB and Toshiba Regza 42X3030D high definition TVs.

IMS is predicting strong global growth for HDTV, though there’s still a lot of confusion around: A Hitachi survey reveals US consumers want HD but are still confused.

Arcam introduces AVR280 home cinema reciever with 1080p HDMI switching, Texas Instruments introduces DLP .7 XGA 3 chip, and also claim that their BrilliantColor technology is being widely adopted.

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