The Pentax K100D Super – tweaked budget DSLR


pentax_k100d.jpgSelling for only $600 when it launches in America this August, Pentax’s upgraded K100D Super entry-level DSLR could be the one to go for if you want a camera with a bit more power than the billions of identikit digital snappers out there.

The K100D Super has a mere 6.1 megapixel output, but it’s not about megapixels in a DSLR of this price – the important bit is getting a sturdy stainless steel body to bolt lenses onto so you can go all ‘David Bailey’.

Like many top DSLRs the updated K100D now has an automatic dust removal system to keep shots clean. There’s ISO 3200 support for low light action, with a 2.5″, 210,000 pixel resolution screen giving you a good look at whatever it is you’re taking a photo of to put on your Flickr account.

If you want to look a bit smarter and take better shots than the £49.99 Argos camera hordes, the K100D Super should be a cheap way to get into the world of semi-pro DSLR photography.

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Gary Cutlack
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