SunBrite outdoor HDTV and Belkin iPhone armband: the best stories from Shiny Media

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Your dream of an outdoor home cinema is one step closer to becoming a reality. SunBrite’s new HDTV is “all weather resistant” [HDTV]

The iPhone accessory onslaught has begun. iPhonic looks over the new Belkin armband, which will handily flash your sought-after hardware to nearby muggers [iPhonic]

One way of finding a publisher for an in-development game is to preview the project on YouTube. The developers of Pollen Sonata have done just that [Wii Wii]

If you’re off to a festival this summer, Shiny Media’s new blog My Chemical Toilet is your perfect guide. Check out the “ruggedized” Sonim XP1 phone on their site [My Chemical Toilet]

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