Ringo Starr releases some Ring-o tones and DRM-free albums through EMI

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ringostarr.jpg Those ex-Beatles are busy little bees, aren’t they! Paul McCartney is swanning around town releasing records in Starbucks like they’re going out of fashion, and shilling himself to Apple like their whole previous brouhaha never existed.

Now Ringo Starr has jumped on the digital download bandwagon, signing an exclusive contract with Capitol/EMI who will make all his EMI works available in digital format from the 28th of August. But that’s not the best news, oh no. Not only will Starr’s catalogue be part of EMI’s premium download option, (DRM-free, higher-quality bit rate), but six ringtones of his choons will also be available on the 28th!

Just imagine, sitting on a bus, pestering the ‘yoof by playing Octopus’s Garden when your mum rings you to pester you about taking the rubbish out and to stop leaving your toenail clippings in the shower recess. Oh yes. Ringo, you really were the third-best Beatle!

Ringo Starr

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