Opinion: Please, please me and put The Beatles on iTunes!


Jonathan Weinberg writes… Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody, help, you know I need someone… who can blooming well tell me if we are ever going to be able to buy Beatles songs on the interweb.

I’m not one of those nuts who says they’re the greatest band in the world, but I can understand why it’s so important to have their tunes in digital form. After all, there’s millions of people out there who’d listen to the Liverpool Fab Four eight days a week if they could…

Ringo Starr releases some Ring-o tones and DRM-free albums through EMI

ringostarr.jpg Those ex-Beatles are busy little bees, aren’t they! Paul McCartney is swanning around town releasing records in Starbucks like they’re going out of fashion, and shilling himself to Apple like their whole previous brouhaha never existed.

Now Ringo Starr has jumped on the digital download bandwagon, signing an exclusive contract with Capitol/EMI who will make all his EMI works available in digital format from the 28th of August. But that’s not the best news…