Phantom Miro 3 High Speed Compact Camera


phantom-miro-3.jpgThe Miro 3 can take 1000 photos a second at 800×600 resolution, which is probably a few too many for Timmy’s birthday party.

Reduce the resolution to 32×32 and it records at 95,000 fps, plus it’s able to withstand acceleration forces of up to 100g – so there’s no need to worry about throwing it rather carelessly onto the sofa.

The Miro 3 Certainly looks unique, and you’d be the talk of the pub were you to whip it out and start taking 95,000 low-resolution photos of your friends per second.

You know it’s expensive when you’re “getting a quote” rather than seeing how much it costs, and yes, before you start, we are fully aware that the Miro 3 is meant for serious use and research purposes – not for idiots like us to take to Ibiza and get full of sand and beer.

We’re only doing an update on it because it looks like a digital camera from the 1960s, had digital cameras existed in the 1960s.

Phantom Miro 3

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One thought on “Phantom Miro 3 High Speed Compact Camera

  • Looks very interesting to see how an antique like digital camera would look like. The fact that it can take about a thousand photos per second, but not sure if i would clearly? A very wear and tear, type of camera it seems. Too bad it’s not for sale!

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