Gamercize offers personal training via your mobile handset

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Fancy a personal trainer, but don’t want some muscle-bound meathead staring over you as you sweat? Time for the GZ Personal Trainer from Gamercize.

Enter a handful of vital statistics into the GZ Personal Trainer, including height, weight and age to get instant feedback with the health check function. Industry recognised measurements such as BMI, body fat percentage and WHR are calculated instantly and the results put simply and clearly into one of three categories – good, needs work and bad. Then choose a workout, get the details of the work needed and you’re away. Keep updating your details and you get ongong stats, along with recommendations by a trainer on your progress and goals to aim for each week.

The GZ Personal Trainer can also be used from a computer via the internet. There’s a free trial membership to see if it works (over eight weeks), after which, you’ll have to sign up for £7.95 per three months.

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