EB unveils MIMD Ultra Mobile PC with built-in GPS

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The idea of a UMPC is pretty sound (or at least, sounder than the Palm Foleo), but they haven’t quite cracked the mass-market yet. By which I mean even gadgety friends still wouldn’t know an Ultra Mobile PC if it slapped them in the face.

Sticking GPS inside the things might help. EB has unveiled its MIMD, standing for Mobile Internet Multimedia Device. It runs on Linux, and offers all manner of connectivity, including Wi-Fi, WiMax, HSDPA and Bluetooth. And there’s that GPS chip too, obviously.

There’s a full QWERTY keyboard and the display is a 4.8-inch touchscreen. EB is looking for other companies to actually sell the device, mind. Perhaps this sort of thing will be the next move for converged operators like T-Mobile and Orange.

EB MIMD (via Gizmodo)

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