Daily Tech Hotlinks for 04-May-2007: Game, iTunes, miCard, Dell, Steve Ballmer

Daily Tech Hotlinks, Digital Music, Gaming

– Millions of cheap gamers throughout Britain are crying today, as Game have bought out high-street competitor Gamestation for £74 million. No cheap trade-ins, then, sobs.
– Apple are keeping schtum on hidden email addresses and passwords enclosed in DRM-free music files, refusing to answer any questions from angry iTunes-users.
– A new memory card standard has been approved, the Multiple Interface Card (miCard) will hold eight GB of memory, with the maximum standard being 2,048 whopping GB, which is a lot of badly-composed home photos.
– Ensuring a heck of a lot of hate-(e)mail, Dell employers reported massive first-quarter profits, then announced an international lay-off for 10% of their staff, within several hours. Ouch.
– US presidential campaigner John McCain has claimed when he’s in the White House, he’ll take Microsoft’s hot-headed Steve Ballmer with him – possibly to be the ambassador to China.

Katherine Hannaford
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