American doctors want further study on video game "overuse"


The American Medical Association has called for more research into the potential public health risks of prolonged use of video and Internet games.

It hasn’t gone as far as declaring them addictive, but instead left that decision to the American Psychiatric Association and other experts to decide if video game addiction can be classed as a mental illness.

“While more study is needed on the addictive potential of video games, the AMA remains concerned about the behavioural, health and societal effects of video game and Internet overuse,” said AMA president Dr. Ronald Davis.

It’s not the first time people have raised concerns on the overuse of technology, the Internet, and video games.

Zurich’s Department for the Prevention of Addiction launched a poster campaign warning of Net addiction, and China has declared war on MMORPGs – and that’s just two examples.

“Everything in moderation” is what I was taught, but try telling that to someone who’s been trying to slay the level 142 mega-beast for 18 hours solid.

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