Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to conduct joint-interview next week

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It’s ever so humid up here in Shiny Towers, and in between alternating between draping ourselves over the rotating fans and nipping down the road for iced teas, we’ve been reading about how Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft will be conducting a 75-minute joint interview next Wednesday the 30th with various ‘tech executives’ at the annual ‘D – All Things Digital’ conference in California. Yikes.

It’s obvious that this interview, which is being deemed ‘history-making’ by some, should prove to be interesting in regards to just how civil they treat one another – with the ‘on-going feud’ between the two being labelled as nothing but zealous fanboys’ interpretations. Or hopes.

Industry watcher Rob Enderle claims “these two guys have always had different approaches – like night and day”, but with the latest OS from Microsoft, Vista, being fobbed off constantly as nothing more than a Mac OS rip-off, the conversation between the pair regarding their software will be nothing short of riveting. Let’s just hope no eyes get poked out this time ’round.

Whilst we tick off the minutes between now and Wednesday, here’s a rather apt photo of Jobs and Gates having a very rare conversation together back in 2005. Photoshop the ‘eck out of it, and send them to me – the best will be posted here on Tech Digest, and a winner will be selected and sent some gadgetry we have lying around the office. Better get the pirate copy of Photoshop cranked up…


Katherine Hannaford
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  • Bill Gates is coolest guy.I like the way he address the problem.If you want to see picture of his house you can go to Bill Gates House

  • It’s such a shame you had to go and make the mistake of posting the following garbage in your article:

    “Industry watcher Rob Enderle claims…”

    Anyone quoting Rob Enderle, let alone reading anything he says, needs psychiatric treatment.

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