Pro-Idee Mini-Kart-Bahn: RC racing in a briefcase



Forget boring black briefcases that keep your corporate presentations safe and dry. They’re rubbish. Well, they don’t have a mini remote-controlled racing track inside anyway.

The Mini-Kart-Bahn does. Made by German firm Pro-Idee, it looks like a heavy silver briefcase on the outside, but when opened up reveals its RC treats. To be specific: two metres of windy track, and two mini karts controlled by cool tyre remotes.

The built-in battery gives you five hours of playtime, and just 60 were ever made as a limited edition. That’ll explain the price tag of 598 Euros then (just over £400). Check it out via the link below.

Now, can someone make one of these things with Hungry Hippos inside?

Pro-Idee Mini-Kart-Bahn briefcase (via Akihabaranews)

Stuart Dredge
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