Pandora blocks users from outside US


I’m a big fan of Pandora’s intelligent music streaming – and indeed have waxed lyrical about the service in the past. But as a UK resident, it looks like I’ll be losing access.

Pandora is essentially a service for US users only – although this has never really been inforced. Until now that is. The reason? Pressure from those nasty old record labels, who have pointed out the company doesn’t have licensing to stream outside its native country. So beginning today, any IP address originating outside the US will be blocked. Although I’ve just tried it and I can still access right now.

“It’s devastating for us to have to do that,” Pandora founder Tim Westergren told The Register. “We’re terribly disappointed and frustrated, but the existing law right now is such that we can’t legally stream to most users outside the US.”

Pandora has pledged to continue its efforts to obtain licenses for its outside users. In the meantime, And Pandora has promised to maintain a record of bookmarked artists, songs and other settings.

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  • I read somewhere that the UK is one of the few places (if not the only place at the moment) where the service can still be used.

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