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We covered the  Squeezebox network music player a couple of years back. So why mention it now? Well, on the back of our review of the Pandora music suggestion service, we have now heard that you can now use your Squeezebox to play all 100 of your Pandora stations.

The Squeeze Network sends internet radio stations direct to a user’s Squeezebox 2 or 3 without the need for a computer to act as an intermediary. From next month, you can access Pandora stations the same way. Pandora usually charges $12 for three months’ ad-free usage, but the deal with Slim Devices will see Squeeze Network users getting three months free. Afterwards, you’ll need to pay the $12 quartlerly fee or sign up for year’s access at $36.

However, it’s not entirely problem-free for those of us outside the US. Firstly, you’ll need to order a Squeezebox from the US – they do ship abroad with power connectors for your region, so that part shouldn’t be a problem. Bit you "officially" need to be a US citizen to sign up to Pandora. That part could be a little trickier.

Via The Register

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