Predictive handwriting for your mobile


Ever own a Palm? I had one a few years back, which was fun at the time, but I could never get my head round the handwriting on the screen. Or maybe it was my strange way of writing. Anyway, the method is still around, with Zi’s Decuma refining the method and adding a predictive function to speed things along on your mobile device.

Decuma Version 4 is pen-input software which, along with predictive, features word completion and increased personalisation to your handwriting. It also recognises 31 languages. The system is expressly designed for small devices such as mobile phones and portable gaming consoles. Decuma recognises letters in upper and lower cases, numbers, symbols and punctuation, and even enables users to text in two languages at the same time without having to switch input modes.

Nice idea, but with texting now such a big part of our culture, can you really see it catching on?

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Dave Walker
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