Nokia takes wrappers off 8600 mobile phone

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nokia-8600.jpgHurrah, black is the new black, according to the Carphone Warehouse. I don’t have to throw out all my goth gear after all. Oh, hang on, they’re talking about mobile phones. The Nokia 8600, specifically, which the retailer is selling exclusively.

So, if you haven’t guessed, it’s black. Plus it has rounded corners and a smoked-glass sliding cover to protect the keypad. Inside is a two-megapixel camera that’s also capable of shooting video, 128MB of internal memory, an FM radio, and stereo Bluetooth.

It plays MP3 music, and is quad-band so you can show off that smoked-glass around the world, you globetrotting fashionista you. As I said, Carphone Warehouse has the exclusive here in the UK, and is offering the 8600 for free, if you sign up to an 18-month O2 contract for £50 a month (although that does include 1,200 voice minutes and 500 texts a month).

Nokia 8600 pre-order page (via Shiny Shiny)

Stuart Dredge
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